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Application scenarios of the Internet of Vehicles and the need to address user needs:
-Multi-level agent distribution requires efficient agent management and settlement systems.
-Requires system support from consumers such as recharge, billing, and packages.
-Refined traffic management is required to achieve profitability.

The various needs of users are solved through the Internet of Vehicles.
-Channel management: supports three-level channel management and multiple profit sharing models.
-Mobile recharge: Users can recharge and renew by selecting the appropriate package through their mobile device.
-Per-application billing: The rearview mirror uses a small amount of traffic, but the media device uses a large amount of traffic. Per-application billing saves customers usage costs to the greatest extent.
5G NR/4G LTE Internet of Vehicles Solutions

Internet of Vehicles terminals: smart rearview mirrors, car WIFI, car smart center consoles, etc.