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The IoT cluster operates in a closed-loop manner through self-developed platforms, terminals and applications to solve user pain points and connect smart devices online anytime and anywhere.
Internet of Things (loT) deployment depends on secure and stable Internet connections. Enterprises are ditching old-school WiFi and Ethernet connections in favor of cellular data. IoT SIMs feature enhanced security and broad global coverage, allowing providers to remotely activate, configure and monitor devices regardless of where they are deployed.
All terminals connected to the IoT management platform support eUICC, SIM cards, eSIM chips (embedded chip chip cards), etc.
IoT SIM card

Simplifying secure global connectivity of IoT devices. IoT SIM cards provide flexible data coverage in 180+ countries around the world and provide APIs for wireless management and configuration of SIM cards.

Connect devices according to user requirements

Build and deploy a device connectivity system that fits your needs and scales with you, with one global SIM, intuitive management portal, and flexible APIs.

Multi-Operator SIM card

Using a single SIM card, users' devices can be connected to more than 600 5G (NR), 4G (LTE), 3G (WCDMA) networks in more than 180 countries/regions around the world, including major operators in each country.

Data limits, alerts and reports

Set custom thresholds for alerts and limits for a SIM card or group of SIM cards. Export reports with in-depth usage data, network registrations, device location, and more.

Public IP

Map public IP addresses to SIMs so devices can be connected to from elsewhere on the Internet, extending their usability and making it easier to scale IoT solutions.

Dedicated 5G NR / 4G LTE network

Connect devices directly to your corporate network's dedicated wireless gateway to avoid the dangers and inefficiencies of the public Internet.